• Diego Zatonyl

    “I’m extremely grateful for you Josh. I have officially gained all I have lost in the past for being inexperienced. And thanks to your TA my knowledge increased significantly to get me back to where I am now. And its all thanks to you.”

  • Travis Anderson

    “Thank you for spoon feeding me! You have changed my life considerably! There is no amount of appreciation I could return!”

  • Michael

    “You are the reason I don’t have to work anymore, you’re the best Josh truly the most valuable videos on YouTube, I appreciate it more than you know man.”

  • OKC Home Realty

    “Josh the trading course is excellent. I love that you get right to the point. Excellent value for some who wants to learn technical analysis.”

  • James McPherson

    “I’ve been watching you for about 3 months now Josh. You have been very accurate with your analysis both up and down (more than any other YouTuber imo). Keep up the good work.”

  • Paulo Victor

    “Your videos have been helping me a lot in understanding how the market works and how to take better decisions and not act just by fear of missing out. Thanks a lot, Josh!”

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